Djemko Epic Drum Ensemble for Kontakt

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• Deep Sampled
• 10x Velocity Layers
• 10x Round Robin
• Simple Kontakt Interface
• 24bit 48khz
• Free Download!


Supreme Samples proudly presents: The Djemko Drum Ensemble for Kontakt.

This experimental library came about when I pitched down a Djembe I was recording for a project.  I quickly realised it sounded a lot like a Taiko drum.
The next day I deep sampled my Djembe, layered it, many many times and ran it through various sound processors.
The results were surprisingly epic and cinematic! Lo and behold the Djemko Drum Ensemble was born.
From the Demo you will hear that this library has a gritty saturated sound which works great in hybrid trailer music or soundtracks.
While its not perfect, I think its sonic imperfections add to the character. Hope you find it useful.

Let me know your feedback and I may record a Pro version with bigger drums and multiple mic mixes.

Don’t forget to sign up to my updates list, I’ll be making more experimental libraries this year!

Jimmy Ferrufino

Please note you need the Full version of Kontakt 5.7+.
This will not work on the free player. 

Check out the Demos!

48Khz 24bit
Velocity Layers
Round Robin
Royalty Free

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What software is this compatible with?

This library will only work with the full version of Kontakt 5.7 and above.

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track without having to pay anything extra.

Can I use this commercially?


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