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Introducing Kinetic Friction: Unleash the Raw Power of Friction.
A cinematic instrument that captures the unique sounds produced by friction mallets on a variety of drum surfaces.

This library offers a distinct tonal character, making it a perfect companion for composers in the realms of horror and sci-fi. Prepare to be amazed by the unpredictable and fascinating sounds waiting to be discovered.

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly shape and modulate the sounds using a diverse range of effects, opening the doors to endless possibilities in sound design. From hauntingly beautiful tones to strikingly intense sounds, Kinetic Friction offers an extensive selection that will ignite your creativity and lead you to uncharted creative territories.

Whether you’re adding subtle textural layers to your compositions or crafting bold signature effect sounds, Kinetic Friction is the ultimate instrument for the job.

Requires Full Kontakt 6.6 or higher.
If you use the free Player it will show as Demo.


  • 160 Individual friction sounds
  • 20 Friction Drone patches
  • 8 Experimental Leads
  • Super Low Noise Recordings
  • 96khz 24bit For Sound Design flexibility.
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Reversed Sound mapped on adjacent keys
  • Front end FX for sound shaping
  • Sample Playback Speed Control


All sounds featured in these demos came from Kinetic Friction, No additional instruments were used.

At Glance

  • “Bounce” x 32
  • “Mothership” x 22
  • “Rolls” x 32
  • “Sing” x 22
  • “Spin” x 10
  • “Swoosh” x 43
  • Friction Drones x 20
  • Experimental Leads x8
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 96kHz 24bit
  •  Reversed sound mapped on adjacent key
  • Precisely animate sound with modulation slider
  • Front end effects
  • Sample Playback Speed Control

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