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So what do I get?


• 225 Kontakt Patches
• 48 khz 24 bit wav

• 100% Royalty free

Supreme Samples is proud to present Vox Chops Synth for Kontakt.
Vox chops synth is a collection of over 220 playable sounds crafted entirely out of vocal chops.
Add a unique layer to your production and let the sounds inspire you.
You get, Shouts, Phrases, Vocoder Patches, Leads, Keys, Pads, Staccato and Fx
The intuitive interface will allow you to further customize the sounds so that you can create something unique for your project.
Every knob can be assigned to a midi controller through Midi learn for unlimited
You can also add your own samples through the Kontakt interface.
Add new life to your old samples!

* Please note that you will need the full version of Kontakt to use this library.

It will not run on the free player.


On the main screen, you can quickly change how your sound starts. Filters and envelopes are set up to make this very easy. You can also adjust the adjust glide and mix the current instrument layers.


The effects panel is an easy way to further customize the sounds.

You can turn them ON and OFF whilst playing by using  key switches.


In the ‘Sends’ panel, you have a classic section of effects to spice up any sound.

Choose from a great selection of convolution reverbs to morph your sound or place on an acoustic space.


The Rhythm panel allows you to quickly create a dynamic sequence to further customize your sound.

You can modulate the pitch, panning and gain to add interesting sonic movement.


Why not add filters to create even more sonic interest in every single note.

Map any of the knobs to a midi controller and shape the sounds live!


Finally set your stereo width, brighten or soften any frequency to taste.


Get this amazing library and start making music today!

$24.99 $14.99 Buy Instant Download

FREE Bonuses Included!

Supreme_samples-most epic-dubstep-drums


What software is this compatible with?

This library will only work with the FULL version of Kontakt 5+

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track with out having to pay anything extra.

What if I don't like the sounds?

We’ll give your money back ! Simple!

Can I use my own samples?

YES! You can import your own samples through Kontakt.

Mini Video Guides

Demo Track

Adding to Quick-load and Navigation

Adding Your Own Samples

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Add a Review

  • Marcel

    I’m enjoying playing this sounds. Nice interface. I will send you my work 🙂 Thanks

  • Lobo

    really cool cinematic pads

  • TyeN

    Amazing how so many sounds can comeout of voices great idea!

  • Laska

    Interface looked intimidating but after playing with it i realised its pretty easy to use.

  • RobProd

    Does what it says on the tin, happy with my purchase.

  • Zakk

    Good work guys, great idea. cool bonuses too.

  • KeanuC

    very happy I bought this been using it all day.

  • RickyL

    Always looking for new toys and this is exactly what I needed.

  • NeilO

    excellent sounds. adding my own samples was simple enough.

  • Laila

    Vocoder patches are so cool!

  • NicoC

    pretty dope. wish i knew about this earlier.

  • Addy

    quick results from the get go thanks!

  • GraceR

    Not exhale but for the price this is cool

  • Kayley

    love some of the presets great work guys. Look forward to the next plugin.

  • AlonzoJ

    Easy to use… not bad!

  • EliasC

    haven’t gone through all the sounds yet but i like what i hear so far.

  • NickD

    First review! lol this library is epic!
    so many sounds

  • TyroneJ

    Showed my friend and he wants to buy it but he doesn’t have the full Kontak.
    You should make it for the free player.
    definitely loving the sounds.