Construction Kits
48Khz 24bit
Royalty Free

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So what do I get?


• 10 kits
• 48 khz 24 bit wav
• Full Stems
• Midi
• 59 single shots
• 100% Royalty free

This pack of 10 Toxic Trap Construction Kits will blow the roof off the club and get the booties on the floor. These beats are as dark as the night and hotter than Rihanna. The aggressive bass hangs low, designed to shake the walls and tear clothes off. The dirty 808 beats are huge and bring a gritty sound to the game. Vocal stabs and other high melodies provide an ear-catching dynamic that stays with the listener. DJ scratch sounds kick it old-school, spinning the ultra-modern sound on it’s head. Synths roar like muscle cars and ring the alarm, guaranteeing that your party is the biggest and baddest on the planet.

These kits are the perfect complement for rappers and producers looking to stay on the cutting edge with the freshest, raw club sounds.
You will find the midi file for each melody so you can modify and add your own synths.

All sounds are encoded in the highest quality 24 bit so you can produce anything you want while retaining that pure sound. And of course it’s 100% Royalty free! Meaning you only have to pay once for the rest of your musical making days.

Get this pack and start making music today!


What software is this compatible with?

This samples will work with any DAW that supports WAV.

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track with out having to pay anything extra.

What if I don't like the sounds?

We’ll give your money back ! Simple!