48Khz 24bit
Royalty Free

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So what do I get?


• 48 khz 24 bit wav
• 101 drum loops
• Full Stems
• 369 Single shots
• 100% Royalty free

EDM has taken over the world. From the biggest festivals to the hottest clubs, it’s even fused with the latest pop music. It’s the sound of today, tomorrow, and beyond. Now you can hop on the train with our fantastic Pure EDM Drumspackage. 101 drum loops and 369 single shots give you absolute control when creating your next masterpiece.

These sounds are all encoded at 24 bit wav and can be manipulated and used in any genre you can think of. The only limit is your own imagination. We’ve included stems for all the loops so you can easily customize the loops and make your own variations. Put your own spin on the world’s favorite tracks. Make your mark on music history today!

Kick drums that absolutely pound and crispy hats that shake the hips. Incredible auxillary percussion rounds your sound into a complete piece of art.

This pack contains everything needed to lay the foundation for your next smash hit.

Get this pack and start making music today!


What software is this compatible with?

This samples will work with any DAW that supports WAV.

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track with out having to pay anything extra.

What if I don't like the sounds?

We’ll give your money back ! Simple!

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  • Dorian

    What synths did you use to make these?

  • Michael R

    I bought this set for my son — he loved it. thanks!

  • JannikY

    will be using these for a while

  • DeonQ


  • SantiagoL

    Love it! keep em coming!

  • AisR

    Nasty, good nasty though 😉

  • DavidBeatz

    well made sounds that i was looking for

  • OscarM

    great purchase super punchy

  • GauravP


  • RossL

    Love it !

  • Billotron

    Sweet sounds from this library.

  • CesarB

    Instant improvement to my tracks…makes a huge difference to have quality drums.