48Khz 24bit
Royalty Free

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So what do I get?


• 48 khz 24 bit wav
• 204 violin loops
• 100% Royalty free

Supreme Samples is proud to present the Organic Violin Loops sample pack.
Avoid sterile, fake, and cold sounding synths with these actual violin recordings. Our loops are all played by incredible violin virtuosos so they truly capture the emotion that only real playing and technique can achieve. They’re perfect for remixing into hip-hop, dubstep, rock, TV underscores or film production, as well as any media or music that needs the finishing touch of the world’s most beautiful instrument.

Our 204 loops come in a myriad of styles. You’ll find heart wrenching Vivaldi-influenced riffs perfect for an elegant touch. Foot stomping bluegrass licks give any production that authentic down-home sound. Evoke Celtic themes or explore our urban loops and create the next big thing.

The sound of the violin has been around far longer than most music today and will continue to be used for the rest of time. Make it a part of your sound today.

Get this pack and start making music today!


What software is this compatible with?

This samples will work with any DAW that supports WAV.

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track with out having to pay anything extra.

What if I don't like the sounds?

We’ll give your money back ! Simple!

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  • Marinho B

    These make me want to learn the violin again sigh 🙁

  • Slezak

    The guy who played those is a beast.

  • RodolfoD


  • CliffD

    very organic love it

  • LanzoD

    thsi is good found it by chance and glad i did

  • BrianH

    man I wish I could play the violin… but for now these sound amazing

  • NealM

    nice pack. will you be making another one?

  • Kevx

    Full of golden material for productions

  • ShayTK

    cool sounds, wish the melodies were longer.

  • JKP

    excellent quality. they go great on top of old school type hip hop beats

  • laurafx

    Real instruments always sounds so beautiful. Nicely organised and great sound!

  • Jovany


  • JohnathanW

    Happy with this pack could have been even more useful if it was mapped to kontakt or another sampler.

  • Yosh

    defiantly rare to find little gems like this. Made my beats sound organic haha

  • alexandran

    been looking for something like this for ages. Very natural they need a bit of reverb to sound bigger.