48Khz 24bit
Royalty Free

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So what do I get?


• 48 khz 24 bit wav
• 101 melodies
• Midi
• 100% Royalty free

101 EPIC Trap Melodies for you to create the next big thing! Blow up the charts with these gigantic hooks that will take your track to the next level and give your production instant gratification.

All the melodies come with the midi file so you can use your own synths and customize them.

These melodies carry the sound of the city as heard by the young, rich, and sexy. Gritty, mysterious lines pop all around your listener’s ear and stay with them long after the record stops.

Huge synth waves rise up like an alarm ready to explode. Reverb-drenched tones are the missing piece of the puzzle and provide super slick production to your masterpiece.

These lines contain a dangerous amount of swagger to instantly win over any crowd as soon the beat drops.

With this pack you’re not just limited to the local scene. Melodies are included that use sexy exotic scales to give your music the world-wide appeal all of the top superstars use and the audiences crave. Create the next global phenomenon.

All sound files are encoded in the highest quality 24-bit WAV to ensure the slickest production and integrity of sound. All sounds are 100% Royalty-free so you can make as much money as you like without giving back a dime.

The world better get ready for your next sensation.

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$19.99 $9.99 Buy Instant Download


What software is this compatible with?

This samples will work with any DAW that supports WAV.

What does royalty free mean?

It means you can use the sounds for any commercial purpose within a track with out having to pay anything extra.

What if I don't like the sounds?

We’ll give your money back ! Simple!